Brother Printer Setup Guide for Windows Computer. is an official Brother Solutions website to download Brother Printer drivers. Brother Printers are one of the best Printers used for home and office use. If we talk about quality and after sales service Brother is the first name comes in our mind. For Brother Printer setup there are different methods like Brother Printer install with USB, Brother Printer Wireless Setup with USB cable and Brother Printer wireless driver setup without USB cable. In this post we will update you all the methods which require installing Brother Printer on Windows computer.

How to Install Brother Printer on Windows with USB Cable?

Follow given steps to setup Brother Printer with USB cable.

  1. Unbox your Printer, assemble it and turn On Brother Printer.
  2. Connect your Brother Printer to Windows computer with USB cable connection.
  3. It will automatically install driver setup for your Brother Printer.
  4. If your Printer model driver no in Windows database then open
  5. Enter your Printer model, select your Windows OS and hit on download button.
  6. Open downloaded drivers file hit accept agreement.
  7. Press next and follow the instructions to install Brother Printer setup on Windows computer with USB cable.
  8. Once setup will complete check the Printer with test Print.

Note: USB cable won’t come with new Printer so you need to purchase USB cable from nearest store or online.

Steps to install Brother Wireless Printer with USB cable on Windows computer.

Second method is to install Brother Printer wireless connection setup with USB cable on Windows computer, follow below steps for same.

  1. Assemble and turn ON your Brother Printer and make your computer is connected with Internet.
  2. Open control panel and double click on add new Printer option; it will search for your Printer model.
  3. Select your Printer and press next to install Brother Wireless Printer.
  4. If your Printer not in the list visit
  5. Enter your Printer model download the latest drivers as per your WINDOWS operating system.
  6. Connect your Printer to computer with USB cable.
  7. Open downloaded Brother Printer setup file, hit accept license agreement.
  8. Select wireless setup with USB connection and press next.
  9. Follow the given instructions to setup Brother Printer wireless connection with USB
  10. Once your Printer install check connection with test Print.

Note: Once your Printer installed and connected to WIFI unplug the USB cable.

How to setup Brother Wireless Printer without USB cable on Windows computer?

Final method is to install Brother Wireless Printer on Windows computer without USB cable or Cable less setup.

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to Internet router and your Printer is ON.
  2. Open runt command, type control and press enter. It will open control panel.
  3. Open add Printer option search for your Printer model and add it.
  4. If you can’t see your Printer model in the list, open Brother Printer official website
  5. Look for your Printer model number and download the latest and upgraded drivers as per your operating system.
  6. Locate the downloaded Brother Printer install file and double click on it to open.
  7. Hit on accept license & agreement to proceed further.
  8. After few steps you will ask to press WPS button.
  9. Now press the WPS button on WIFI router then press WIFI button on your Brother printer within 2 minutes.
  10. Once you will see Printer connection successful, test your Printer connection with Print.

Note: To setup Brother Wireless Printer, your computer and Printer both are connected within in the same internet router.

Now you all know about all required methods to setup Brother Printer from, if you still have any query you may visit Brother official website for more clarity.

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