WebQuire Privacy Policy

webquire privacy policyWebQuire privacy policy takes full care to help you maintain your privacy. Our team of web developers has taken full care to help you keep your private data protected. We may ask for some permissions while you sign in to our website but we can assure you that none of your data is being leaked out. As a matter of our privacy policy we provide option to all our customers to remove their names from our list of web browsers. We may ask you to register your name and email address etc. With us when you log in to our website for the first time but we also give you full liberty to remove those details as and when it is required by you to be removed. Your privacy is after all a great matter of concern for us. We can understand this very well that your private data is a very critical piece of information and you can’t just let it go leak because of any silliness. Our team of experts took this issue very seriously and has designed the most versatile website for WebQuire privacy policy which provides each and every customer full liberty to remove their data whenever they require to do so.
While you login to our site then we ask you to tick an undertaking before proceeding further. That undertaking contains all our legal terms and conditions that can assure you that all your data shared with us is intact and we will use only that information what all is desired to carry forward the business deal between you and us. For more information related to our privacy policy reach our customer care executive which are available 24*7 to answer all your queries and provide you a smoother business experience. Come and be a part of our customer family and forget all your worries. Your security is our priority.